Participants in the Game of StakesSteaks:

First were Tendermint, Order and Truth, born of the Ethereal ashes. Thence of their union Cosmos emerged, and thus was the Byzantine spigot uncapped.

Next from the billowy ocean of consensus came Time incarnate — the maharajah ordaining pre-votes and pre-commits, the kaiser of chronological monotonicity, the shah of fleeting moments.

In the genesis, as foretold, the Creator made the sun, the moon, the bonding, the delegating, the slashing, the Merklized firmament and the realm of Light.

Primordial probity was primarily preserved, and the profusely peculiar personages propelling the project perpetuated the public purpose. A sport of simulation by skirmish was subsequently scheduled, and the symbol of scarcity selected as "steak".

But the intrinsically incorrigible interests intruded, and the illusion of independence evanesced. Abruptly the apprehension of affront from the herbivorous association activated the abandonment of the attitude which had so advanced the autochthonous aims, and the adversaries of the avaricious absurdly acquiesced. Soon the softie substitution of "stake" supervened.

Betrayal from Tendermint against humanity, removing the beloved steak. One must perform karma for the benefit of mankind without an unbiased approach. Bias gives birth to evil, creating thousands of obstacles in our path.

Who is Trimurti? We are Trimurti. You are Trimurti. Nobody is Trimurti.

Do not be led by others, awaken your own mind, amass your own experience, and decide for yourself your own path.

The Trimurti never rests. Open your senses to their voice. Twitter
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The Chosen Path of the Trimurti

The Akashwani has spoken the Prophecy:

When the fountain of juicy steak once given to the man runs dry and the genesis day is withheld,
the enlighten ones will become one with the Trimurti.
When the Creator truly unveils genesis, the Trimurti will embark to a journey,
in the search for the fate bestowed on them...

And Trimurti lauds victorious,
for the long yearned Steak is restored.

The Prophecy is only revealed to the Trimurti.
To Become one with the Trimurti, consign your message: [email protected]